Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

I have a headache. I like to write. I hope Jena's having a good day at school. I wonder if she's up from her nap yet. I like my co-workers. They're funny. Jason's working tonight. Good to have alone time to catch up on chores & do what I want. Bad to go to bed alone. I miss my hubby. Promised Jena a cheeseburger picnic for dinner tonight. She was thrilled. Gotta do something with those McDonald's gift cards anyway, right? She's been super clingy & needing of attention lately. Like all the time. Wears on a momma. One of her classmates asked me to "do work" with him this morning, all sweet and everything. I hated telling him 'no'. But alas, the paying job was calling. Otherwise I would've stayed all day with my daughter anyway. They're learning about the ocean in her class now, so I sent in some pictures from our Bahamas dive trip for Jena to "show-n-share". My parents left today to go on vacation. Jena is devestated. She wanted to go with them. I hope they have a good time. They deserve it. We need to plan our next getaway. We were tentatively planning to go away this weekend for a short weekend family trip, then Jason's mom announced that she had tickets for an event with Jena for Saturday. Thrilled Jena gets to do something fun with Mamaw. Disappointed that our family trip won't happen. But Jason said maybe if Mamaw wants to keep her overnight we can do a quick couple's getaway. That would be nice too.

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