Monday, June 4, 2012


It dawned on me as I was writing one of the latest posts about my nephew, that this blog will be a good chronicle of his journey. No, I'm not at the hospital every day like his family is. But I am the only person writing about it on a near-daily experience.


You guys know I pre-write most of my posts, right? Well, I do. Most of them. I write them, then schedule for them to be published at 12noon each day.
It works really well for me because I tend to have bursts of writing mojo, followed by writer's block. So if I pre-write them and schedule them out, there's no gap on my blog.
Right now I have the next 3 weeks scheduled out.
99% of the reason behind that is because updates on my nephew kept pushing other posts out further.


Sometimes I think it'll be weird if I die suddenly (okay, I guess that would always be weird in some way), but in relation to my blog it would be weird because my posts would keep showing up every day at 12noon, even though I was already dead.



The other day Jena told me Tootsie had a week or less before she died.

Mostly I'm writing this down in case it happens.

She is old...


I guess that's all for now.
As always, thanks for checking in!

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Melissa said...

I love your blog posting schedule mostly because I know that everyday after noon I can pull up your blog and find a new post:) You are so organized!

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