Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before I Was a Mom

Before I become a mother:

I actually had a night day time off, usually at least once a week. Or more. Now I'm lucky to get a couple of hours every few months.

I did not know that moose are horrifying when in dreams. But not when cute little stuffed animals.

I was much better at putting shopping carts back in the cart corral. Sorry cart boys, but I'm a little too paranoid to venture that far from my child when she's in the car, and she's a little too heavy / hard to wrangle to bring over to the corral.

I came into work early & stayed late whenever anyone asked. Even with no notice. Now I have a kid to get ready & drop off in the mornings, and to pick up from preschool in the evenings. "No notice" doesn't really work anymore.

My house was cleaner. Fewer people, no kid, more time = cleaner house. It's really just math people.

I wasn't nearly so creative. Now I can make up songs & stories on the spot. Most of the time.

I was much more reserved / worried what people thought of me. Mostly I thought everyone thought I was weird (I am). Now, I will do just about anything to make my kid smile. Including sing in the middle of the grocery store so she has decent music to dance to.

I was much more modest about my body. Not that I dress immodestly now, it's just that... I think being a mom helped me to see my body for the amazing thing it is, instead of just parts to be covered up.

I was also much more self-conscious about my weight & shape before becoming a mom. Would I like to lose more weight? Sure. But now that I'm healthy, I love that my body looks like a mom's body.

I never realized a corndog would qualify as a meal. Or lettuce & mushrooms.

But mostly, before I became a mom, I never quite had a grasp on this love thing. Now? I think I'm getting it.


What about you? How are you different since becoming a parent?


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