Sunday, June 3, 2012

And now I have a big butt too. Apparently.

Mommy, why you have a big ole butt?

I do not! (seriously, my belly may be big & fat, but my butt is not)

Yes you do! Just turn around and look!

{{ sigh }}


Candace said...

I have known you going on forever and a day, and I know you do not have a butt. I am pretty sure I remember conversations about your lack of backside in school! Lol! Love ya my IRL friend!

Diane said...

Kids are great for the ego aren't they? Even when we know what they say is not true!

Back when I was single, about a year after my husband died, my oldest (5 at the time) told me I could get a boyfriend if I'd lose some weight. And I was in no way overweight!

Melissa said...

When Natalie was younger she called me a manatee lol. She said that my belly was big and round like a manatee. And now Bradley pushes on my belly and says I love this squishy part of your belly and then rubs it. Aren't kids great:)

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