Tuesday, May 8, 2012

*update on my nephew* - continued improvements

He continued movements throughout the rest of the day yesterday and this morning.

More dramatically... he opened his eyes on command !!!!

His sister & girlfriend were in the room when his doctor asked him to. And he did. So my niece ran out of the room & dragged their dad in. His dad put his hand on my nephew's chest & said "Hey - it's Dad"... and he looked at him!

They said his eyes did not appear to register anything, but did find him physically.


Thank you so much for your continued thoughts & prayers. We believe God is working a miracle on him.

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Cyndy Bush said...

I've been reading but I've been a lazy jerk about commenting lately - sorry!
But this post moved me to tears! After 4 years of working in a Neuro ICU I get how big this is. Such wonderful news!!

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