Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Updates

Egg production has increased. Need some regular customers, or I'll be making a LOT of egg recipes!


Work has been... frustrating. Still not clear what my role will be in the new division. Which probably explains why people both
a) aren't keeping me in the loop, and
b) are expecting me to know everything
Tough combo.


Tootsie keeps running away. Thru the invisible fence. Thru the strongest setting on the strongest collar you can get. She's now tied up. Which I hate. But it's for her own safety. After the 4th escape she had a gash on her head. If she weren't cat-aggressive, we'd have brought her inside for good.


Heck, if she weren't cat-aggressive, all the dogs would already be inside. That was the plan when we moved to this house, until we discovered her tendency to think cats are yummy.


Jena has been fighting sleep for weeks. Yes, since before her Papaw died. She's also been incredibly clingy,  especially towards me. I haven't been able to figure out why, and I also haven't been able to figure out how to get her to sleep. I'm hoping it's just another phase.

I feel so bad for her. She'll tell me "I'm so tired but I can't fall asleep!" It's like baby insomnia.



Melissa said...

Do you read Ladonna's blog, Just Our Thoughts, I think it's called?
I know she's mentioned things for calming and helping her kids to sleep.

Amber said...

Auburn goes thru fits and phases just like that with sleep. Though hers is mostly night waking and night walking. I've found there almost always something physical I'm missing, be it a rash, asthma flare up, upset tummy etc. I've used a couple of different calming natural sleep aids as well as making a lavender/chamolie linen spray to mist her bed with. It really helps. I'm not above using benedryl every now and again.

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