Sunday, April 15, 2012

ThirtyOne Makes for a Cute Easter

When I was looking for something for Jena to carry her Easter eggs in during the family's Easter egg hunt, I wanted something a little... cuter... than our traditional plastic grocery store bags.

I'm all for re-using items and all, but I also knew I'd be taking a ton of pics and wanted something that would look good.

And that Jena would like carrying. Something she would enjoy carrying around.

And then I remembered. Back when ThirtyOne rolled out their Spring Catalog, I got one of their new Mini Utility Bins.

I'm not gonna lie... I wasn't exactly sure what I was gonna use it for when I got it. But I knew it was cute, and it was a good size for Jena, so I was sure whatever I decided, she would probably be the one getting some use out of it.

I was right.


disclaimer - I was not asked to write this post, nor was I reimbursed for it. All thoughts, experiences, and opinions contained herein are my own.

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Amber said...

That is totally super cute!! I was looking at trying to find personalized ones for the girls. ( I make them leave it out for the easter bunny to fill - kinda like stocking so I don't end up with 40 million baskets in the house)I found one website that does it, but it's not quite as cute as those.

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