Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Crap About Me

- I don't like clowns

- If  I consider you & I to be close, I will probably double-dip my chip unless you expressly tell me not to.

- I've never been on a mission trip, even though from the time I was nine until I was eighteen I attended at least one missions' conference yearly

- I'm allergic to mettwurst. I think. Let's just say I get violently ill for 8-12 hours if I accidentally ingest so much as a bite.

- I have no known environmental allergies.

- I'm allergic to two different medications. Sort of. I'm allergic to one of the as-yet-undetermined inactive ingredients in two very different medications. I can take the active ingredient in other forms with no problems.

- All thru high school, I was preparing to be a classical musician. Yep, I used to be good. Then I realized being a music teacher (band director) would be more stable, so planned to go to college for that. Blah, blah, blah - voluntarily went into college as an undeclared major. Toyed with several ideas before settling on History.

- I have a good dose of social anxiety, shyness, whatever you want to call it. I also hate crowds. As in, they tend to give make me very nervous. Jena appears to have inherited all of this from me.

- Jason is a social butterfly, never met a stranger, loves a good crowd. I think sometimes he's really frustrated that the "boring" people now out-vote him in our house.

- My parents only agreed to let me play trumpet because they thought it was a phase. I mean, surely I'll eventually realize I want to play a "girl" instrument, right? Wrong. I mean, c'mon, my 2nd choice was snare drum. That's okay though, they came around, and eventually became my biggest fan, even buying FireGirl a realistic toy trumpet for her 3rd birthday.

And that, is some random crap about me. Any random crap you wanna share?


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areyoukiddingme said...

Here's a random fact about me...I have no idea what mettwurst is.

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