Monday, April 2, 2012

Pet Peeves

People who send out meeting notices, then send you umpteen updates to that notice, including 5 minutes before the meeting.

Get your stuff together before you send it out, 'kay? And BTW - if it's 5 minutes before the meeting, I'm probably on my way, so stop being surprised when I didn't get your last update. Geez!


People who don't understand how to observe a four-way stop.

It's first come, first serve folks. And if you get confused, then you go around the circle. Easy breezy.


People who can't accept that you disagree with them.

Meaning you've already listened to their points, actually taken time to consider their point of view, told them so and you still just happen to disagree with them, and so they insist on making the same points over & over instead of just agreeing to disagree.


Drivers who are going slowly... until you pass them.

Pretty self-explanatory.


Groups of people who stop in entranceways / in the middle of pathways to talk.

Pretty self-explanatory. I mean really, just move to the side already!


Wait staff who cop an attitude because we order a cheaper meal or only dessert or water to drink.

I'm actually a pretty good tipper. Unless you cop an attitude. Sometimes I wish I were a secret shopper. Seriously.


People who repeatedly hit "reply to all" when responding to an email, when their response is clearly intended only for the original sender.

I actually have no interest in what you have to say, and you are essentially just spamming my inbox. Stop it.


People who create a mess in their life because they didn't listen to you... and then expect you to fix the mess they made.

If you'd just listened to me the first time...

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