Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Fat Butt - Weight Watchers update

Well, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I think my endocrinologist might be right: maybe I can lose weight "like a normal person" now.

After my first week on Weight Watchers, of which I went way over my points three days... I still lost 4 pounds!

Now, to be fair, I was pretty sure I was retaining water at my initial weigh-in. So that could be part of it. And is one of the reasons I'm trying not to get my hopes too high.

But I still didn't expect to lose 4 lbs the first week! Especially not when I blew it about half the time!

*mental note - not a good idea to start a new eating program just a few days before that time of the month. or before 2 family get-togethers with home cookin' and yummy desserts

I will say I really like how fruits & veggies are zero points on the new PointsPlus program. Eating more fruits & veggies has always been a struggle for me. But now that those are the only foods I can eat without using my points... I have an extra motivation for scarfing them down!

It definitely also helps that Jason is doing the plan as well (he lost 9 lbs his first week!). Especially since he's the competitive type.

Instead of him wanting to go out, he's now telling me we need to stay home, and now I'm more likely to ask to eat out. The first night we were on the program, he made dinner on the grill - chicken breasts & asparagus. We added a side salad, and... yum!

And it's so much easier to grocery shop when both of you are on the same plan! Instead of having to buy "regular" food and "diet" food, like I would have done in the past, it's all diet food, and we're eating a lot of the same things.

*mental note - buy Jena some cookies! Poor kid doesn't know what's going on around here!

I really think this will help us to eat healthier. My one struggle point right now is that I refuse to throw away the food we already had, so... there's still quite a bit of not-the-healthiest food around the house that needs to be eaten.

Once that is gone, it should be quite a bit easier to stay within my points, without the guilt of ignoring the "bad" food (ie. hard earned money) in our cupboard.

Anyway, that's my update so far. Thanks for checking in!


Melissa said...

Congratulations!! Stick with it you will see results.

Julie said...

Congratulations!! I started WW last week, my first weigh in is supposed to be tomorrow but I'm not going to be able to make that meeting, so I'll have to go later in the week. I've been realy bad this week for various reasons. But Good Job!!!

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