Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Secrets

1. I got Tess even though Jason didn't want me to. Not my finest moment.

2. I poop every morning around 8am. That's new since after Jena was born. And there's a story, but I can't decide how much is too much to share.

3. Having worked in mostly-female, mostly-male, and fairly evenly mixed work environments, I also prefer working with men to working with women. Less drama.

4. I have no memory of my brother & I ever getting along. Ever.

5. I have no memory of ever being a weight society, or the medical community, would consider "healthy".

6. I still miss the cat I had growing up. She died in 1998. I cried over her just the other day.

7. I don't really have any IRL friends. Not really.

8. Except Jena. She's probably my best friend. Which is kinda awesome, and kinda sad.

9. I always wanted a cow. Like as a pet, not like as for food.

10. I'm not afraid of snakes, and I'm not afraid of spiders, but keep the creepy-crawlies (silverfish, millipedes, etc) away! Freak me out.


Missy | Literal Mom said...

I do better working with men too. It's strange, isn't it?

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! Glad to meet you.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

#4- Ditto, my sister.
#6- Ever heard of Rainbow Bridge?
#7- Some people have so many 'friends' but really none at all. You seem like you'd make a good friend. Maybe just haven't met the right people yet.
#9- Petting a baby cow is one of the coolest things ever.

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