Friday, March 30, 2012

How FireMan Proposed

We had been dating for about a year, living together for around four months. We had known for a while that our relationship was headed for marriage, we both agreed on that, we just didn't agree on timing.

I wanted sooner rather than later. If we knew it was right, why wait? I had already spent four years in a committed relationship only to have the guy walk out on me unexpectedly.

FireMan wanted to wait. He had proposed to his first wife after only a few months, and he always wondered if one of the reasons their marriage didn't last is because they didn't know each other long enough before getting married.

So... what to do? We didn't know.

We went to dinner with his parents, then the two of us headed to a UDF for ice cream (my husband is an ice cream freak).

We were standing at the counter, had just ordered, when he put his arms around me.

"So... when are we getting married?"
"You have to ask me first."
{{ insert long pause }}
"Will you marry me?"

The clerk brought our order, and we went into the parlor to eat.

Once we finished, we climbed back into the truck.

"What should we do now?"
"I think we should go to the mall and buy a ring before you change your mind."

And so we did.

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Anonymous said...

Simple and to the point. Love it. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! I'm happy to hear to meet another first responder wife :-)

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