Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spread the Happy

It's been way too long, and I need to focus on some positive schtuff, so I'm thinking I need to get in the habit of doing these kinds of posts more regularly again.

Here's the latest happy news from our FireHouse:


Chief is getting bigger and since the weather has been warm is now outside most of the time.

He's proving to be a good fit with our family, and I think eventually he'll be a good working partner for Buddy.

Also - never having a puppy before, I don't know how much longer they continue to grow at this rate, but... I'm starting to wonder if he'll be bigger than Buddy. At 12 weeks he reaches halfway up Buddy's shoulder.

I like big dogs.


Our chickens laid their first eggs!

The eggs are still very small, and we're only getting about one day total (from all 15 chickens), so definitely not into full egg production yet, but... we got our first egg!


Jena was so excited to take our first two eggs to preschool for show-n-share. She did great!


Jason & I started attending a new small group at church. The study is currently on the Holy Spirit. I'm really enjoying the study, but I really like the group of people. Closer in our age than any small group we've attended before, plus many of them have children close to Jena's age so she has a blast as well.

It's the first time I've ever thought (hoped?) that I might make some strong connections with others in our church.


Jason has a new job prospect (for his 2nd job). If it works out it he will quit his business and just work for them. Same sort of work, but (hopefully) less stress, plus a much more stead paycheck than running his own business. Keep him in your prayers!


Rearranged Jena's bedroom yesterday. I really like the new setup. And I'm trying some new ideas for organizing her toys, so (hopefully) it will be easier for her (and me!) to keep tidy.


I suppose that's all for now. Thanks for checking in! And don't forget to Spread the Happy!

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Gina said...

That all sounds like good stuff - yea!!

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