Friday, February 24, 2012

Saw the pulmonologist

Was finally able to see the pulmonologist for my cough.

He's thinking asthma or allergies, but leaning toward asthma.

Was shocked that in thirty-... ahem, so many years no one had ever ordered a breathing test or allergy test.


Never had either. Not even as a child.

He did a baseline breathing test in the office, to:
    a) make sure I was breathing okay enough to proceed with more testing, and
    b) get a baseline for more testing

I tested at the 110th percentile.

I think playing a wind instrument for 20 years, and then taking up scuba diving probably does that to ya    :)

Next step is a chest x-ray  for the asthma, and to check for any permanent damage done by not being treated for so many years. He said the fact that my breathing test was so good is a good sign, but doesn't necessarily mean there isn't damage to my lung tissue from three decades of this being untreated.

At the same time we'll be drawing blood for allergy testing.

He seems very thorough, explained everything well, and had a great bedside manner. Plus, ends up he knows my endocrinologist from med school and they're buddies! (he saw in my record).

I asked him about Jena having the same thing, and he said since they don't see children there, once we had a diagnosis, I should talk to her pediatrician about getting her tested for the same thing. Unfortunately, to the best of his knowledge, the only pediatric pulmonologists in the area are at the children's hospital. Don't get me wrong, it's a great hospital, it's just... a hospital, you know? And about 40 minutes away.

Oh well. If I can save her 30 years of suffering like I've experienced, we'll do it all.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for checking in.

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