Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas List

There's really not a lot on my list this year. Mostly due to the budget cuts we've decided to make. So my list is boring, because I'm asking for mostly useful things instead of fun things. Although I did manage to put a couple of just-for-fun items in there.

My list:
PhotoShop Elements

hot rollers
pre-order of this book

ironing board cover


Jena's list:

And this is seriously all she's asking for:

"parrot pillow"


Seriously, what am I supposed to get her?!? LOL. No worries, we've managed to find a few toys for her, but at her request, she's getting mostly clothes & shoes.

** click on each picture to find the source **

So what about you? What's on your Christmas list this year?


Doug said...

That's funny the only thing I can get Bradley to tell me is the game "Pop the Pig." Every time he see's Santa he runs up and says I want Pop the Pig! At least I know Santa can deliver lol.

Melissa said...

I wish it would let me see who's account was signed in before posting lol.

Gina said...

I desperately need clothes - I hope Santa delivers!

Jodi said...

I guess I should have clarified that the jeans for me are closer to a need than a want. I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit right now, plus 2 pairs of slacks & 1 skirt for work. That means I do a lot of laundry just to make sure I have clothes to wear. And wear jeans to work on occasion, hoping my boss won't notice / care.

Marianne said...

I wish I were going to see you soon, I have a brand new set of hot rollers you could have.

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