Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trip to the Zoo in Pictures

FireMan teaching FireGirl about insects

watching the gorillas

brushing a goat in the Children's Zoo

First time riding the train

Photo by FireGirl - she directed us to "make a funny face"


Peacock - photo by FireGirl

Loving on the manatee statue

Hiding behind the manatee statue

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A Firewife 'n Mom said...

Great pictures! We love to take our boys to the zoo. We bought a membership because we like to go quite often. They have a rain forest with a little cafeteria so we are even able to go in the winter. The boys love it and they can run around a bit and it gets us out of the house in the winter...especially when our Firefighter is on shift. This year our elephant exhibit was finally finished so the elephants came back to our zoo. There is a snack area overlooking the elephants so if we are there in the afternoon we get a snack and sit there. It feels as if you are eating with the elephants because they are so close.

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