Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Year

One year ago today I received a phone call that my dad was being admitted to the hospital.

One year ago today I found out he would need a triple bypass.

One year ago today, I called out to you, my readers, begging you to pray for my daddy.

One year ago today, it felt like our world was turning upside down, and I was scared.


One year ago, my daddy didn't look this good:

One year later, my daddy is doing just fine.

One year later, he has more energy than he's had in years.

He has been cleared by the cardiologist and only goes back for yearly check ups now.

He follows his diet strictly, and he & my mom have both lost a significant amount of weight. They both also work out regularly at the local YMCA.

We've all adjusted to the new normal, because yes, all of our lives changed.
FireGirl had the biggest change outside of my parents, as they were her primary "daycare" before his surgery. Now they watch her just once a week.

And we're all pretty happy with that.

My parents are planning a major trip in the next couple of years. Yes, big enough that it takes a couple of years of planning.

And yes, they're planning on both of them being here for a couple of more years.


One year.

One year ago. One year since.

Oh, the difference just one year makes.


I love you Daddy. And I am so thankful for this year, for all the years past, and for all the years to come.


Steph{anie} said...

I love hearing stories like this! I never get to see how patients recover after open heart; I only see them when they're critically ill and unstable.

I'm so glad your dad is doing so well!!

Mrs. L said...

Glad your father is well!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

So happy for you and your Daddy, what a happy ending!

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