Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Just Another Blog Challenge #8 - your exes

#1 - Well, ya'll know about "the" ex.

My college sweetheart. A little over a year younger than me. A mechanical engineer. Now married with children. You know enough of the rest of the story.

#2 - the Portughese lover

A Portughese pharmacokineticist & marathon runner, nine years older than I, we were together for just over 4 months, when he disappeared. Literally. Home phone disconnected. Cell phone disconnected. Work phone rolled to the main operator. A drive-by showed his condo appeared empty & dark, with a "for sale" sign in the front yard.

Very weird. My sister thinks he was a terrorist. I've considered the possibility of witness protection. I have a few friends who work in various... industries... who offered to find him, but I declined.

I mean, disappearing overnight like that? It's just never good. I decided I'd rather not know.

#3 - the single dad

A single dad, recovering alcoholic and recovering narc addict, 11 years my senior. We met at church, and were together right around five months.

A very sweet guy, and a great dad, but not the best boyfriend. He had just finished the police academy when we started dating, and was a part time police officer for a nearby town.

I broke it off when I realized I was staying more for his daughter than I was for him. Still think about him her often.

There were a few others interspersed between those three, but those are the ones I considered actual relationships. You know, when the topic of marriage comes up seriously... I consider that a "real" relationship.

Thanks for checking in.


Unknown said...

Thought about this. We got married at 22 and were together at 19. Anything before that doesn't really count. Think I might be okay with that!

Doug said...

Doug and I started dating at 15, I married my high school sweetheart.

Melissa said...

Sorry I guess Doug was signed in lol.

Pam said...

Wow, you have such interesting exes! Stopped by from SITS.

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