Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spread the Happy

Yep, it is time again to Spread the Happy!


I am thrilled with the color of our new master bathroom!
After Jason primed it with dark-colored primer, I was a little scared to go so dark / bright in such a small space, but I love it! (yes, pictures will come later)

Speaking of the master bath, I love it! And I am so proud of the work Jason has done! He is so talented in this area!

I am excited that Jason has found a great base for a chicken tractor, for next to nothing! So we may have chickens by Spring after all! And hopefully this will help curb the bug problem at our house as well!

I am thankful that my sister has found good doctors in Iowa, and they are taking care of her health problems (I know I haven't posted about the problems, but I am happy about the solutions!)

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! I totally forgot I've been waiting to post this one...

I am so incredibly excited, thrilled that my cousin & his wife are expecting their first child!
I'm also asking for prayers for them. There are some genetic issues that my cousin's immediate family carry that result in severe birth defects, which usually result in miscarriages. My cousin opted not to be tested for the gene, once the issue was discovered (only 8 yrs ago), so there is still some concern for the future of this little one. But they have made it halfway into their 2nd trimester and so far are doing well! Yay!


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