Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

One morning I walked in to wake up FireGirl, and found such a Sleeping Beauty that I just had to take a few pics.

There she lay, naked*, covered in the blanket that welcomed her home from the hospital, sucking on her lovey turtle.

* I have no idea why she's naked. Yes, I normally put my kid to bed in PJs. Or at least some sort of clothing. I'm assuming there was some late night potty accident may have led to her sleeping in her birthday suit, which may also explain her strange position in the bed, but too much time has passed for me to remember.

Little toes*, painted a sparkly purple, peeking out from thru the slats in the footboard

* this pic would drive my mom nuts. She hates that we don't put socks on FireGirl at nighttime. We used to. Until she got old enough to voice her opinion. And take them off. What can I say? She's like her momma and her daddy. Doesn't like to sleep in socks.

What an angel

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