Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thought re: the Blog Diva

Back when Lela Davidson posted this post on the 8 Types of Bloggers You Meet at BlogHer, I was mostly struck by The Diva.

The Diva
The Diva strolls from one party to another with premium swag weighing her down. She has been around. She knows all. Luckily, I only met one blogger who disappointed me with her less-than-lovely real life self. Of course I’m not going to mention her by name, but I will say she wasn’t the only one. I heard many stories of “Who are you?” and “Don’t you know who I am?” Being courted by the brands does not impress me. Show me the money or write a book and then I’ll respect you 

Because, in the interest of being totally honest here, even if I follow your blog regularly, heck - even if I check your blog every day... there's a pretty good an almost absolute chance I don't have a clue what you look like, or what your real name is.

Could be that I'm the weird one. After all, unless an actor happens to be one of my favorites (meaning, one of my favorites, and not necessarily the media's flavor of the day), I wouldn't recognize them either.

So the idea of a blog diva... well, that just struck me as funny. And I would probably end up disappointing them greatly.

As they would me.

Thanks for checking in!

1 comment:

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

How funny to think that there might be 'celebs' in bloggerville.
And yeah, I don't know celebrity names unless they are so famous I would actually have to avoid knowing their names, oh and I have to have actually noticed them for some reason that pertains to my own life.

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