Thursday, October 27, 2011

If I didn't have a job to wake up for, the cuddling MIGHT have been cute



Or not.

At some point during the night I woke up to Jason moaning in his sleep (the man's a sleep-talker, what can I say). It was at this moment that I also noticed I had a preschooler tightly wadded around my face, and a cat kneading its claws into my knee.

Now, I suppose it's the mom in me, but there was actually a part of me that insisted that I lie really, really still so as not to disturb the three creatures that were disturbing me.

Crazy? Insane? Mom-ish? Whatever. I realized I had to pee.

Scooted Jena to the middle, kicked the cat out of  the bed. Went to the bathroom. Still half asleep.

I don't know what was going on in our house last night, but I got no sleep.

First, just as I was drifting off, Jena came in for the first time, crying that she had to go potty. Okay. Noble enough reason. Helped her go potty (and yes, she actually peed), put her back in bed.

Some time later, I vaguely remember my still-sleeping self waking to a little girl standing next to my bed, staring me in the face, begging to cuddle with me, and me saying something like "go back to bed".

Next.... the aforementioned waking up with her all wadded up on my face. I suppose because I tend to sleep on the very edge of the bed, that was the only place she could find enough room to get on was in the pillow area. So she was curled up into a tight little ball... around my head.

While the cat kneaded my kneecap.

And sometime after I moved her to the middle, I heard Jason make a sound that made me think he might be fighting (he's actually kicked me once & hit me once (two separate occasions), dreaming he was fighting in his sleep), so that woke me up in a start and I actually found myself shielding Jena just in case.

And then I woke up again with Jena breathing in my face and Tucker trying to burrow under my legs. At this point I was awake enough to realize that Jena should not be in our bed (we don't allow co-sleeping unless it's after 5am (ie she's finishing the morning) or she's really sick (ie. I need to keep an eye on her)). I was also awake enough to realize that she usually sleeps like a rock, so if I move her back to her bed, she's not likely to wake up.

And so I did.

Enter the only 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep I got.

Would have been two hours, but guess who showed up after 90 minutes?


Not sure what her deal is, but all I can say is:

#1 - I hope she's not getting sick
#2 - this had better not be a new trend
#3 - I am tired

As always, thanks for checking in!


Melissa said...

So sorry, but I can relate. I tried to go to bed early to get extra sleep (ha ha). First the rain kept me awake, and then sirens. And then Bradley came in 3 times as well. He was crying and telling me about dreams, not scary dreams, I think he was just confused about what was happening (I'm not sure he's ever a dream that he remembers). He kept thinking I was gone. I did get him back in bed all three times but feel like I never actually got any quality sleep. I hope tonight is better:)

Brianna Storch said...

I have had suck-worthy nights like that too where I had this grand idea of perfect co-sleeping that result in me being shamefully groggy the next day. When he sucks his thumb, curls up in me on the couch, and sighs contently into my chest.... I instantly melt. Only that as soon as he gets in the "mama/dada bed" it's a 1am giggle-fest and hiding under the covers after making fart sounds on my stomach.
Not. Happening. Kid.

I had to laugh, though, about the cat kneading your kneecaps. In kitty world, you're supposed to take it as a compliment. ;)

*Stopping by from SITS*

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