Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haircut Pics (a little late, I know)

Yes, I'm still catching up on posting pics.

Here are the pics from my haircut.



Now, I took about a zillion "after" shots, because I didn't think any of them did the haircut justice. In fact, looking at these pics, I like the "before" pic better. But IRL, I think my new haircut is much cuter.

Although... sometimes I feel like it makes me look older. A bit of a "mom" cut, you know? But it's definitely easier to maintain, quicker to dry, and on the odd occasions where I actually curl or straighten it or something... well, I can actually accomplish that in less than an hour. So that's good too.

But... now that it's grown out a little bit, I'm not terribly happy with the length. So I've decided to either get it chopped of more, or start growing it out again. I can't decide. So I told Jason I would let him choose. And he couldn't not pick, because I told him if he didn't say anything, I was getting it chopped off, so by not saying anything, he would still be picking. Pretty clever, huh?

Speaking of hair, today I noticed that Jena's hair is very long. Almost to her waist. She still insists that she doesn't want it cut. The problem is that she also doesn't like it to be combed, brushed, braided, pony-tailed, or otherwise messed with. She even fusses when I wash it at bathtime. Washing it is mandatory (obviously), as is combing it every morning, and pulling it into a ponytail on the days she has dance class at preschool. And since she won't let me cut her bangs, I make her wear a barrette to keep her hair out of her eyes.

I suppose as long as we can continue to fairly easily keep it maintained, I'll continue to let her have her way re: the length. I'm just not sure how much longer that will be.

As always, thanks for checking in!


Marianne said...

I like the new haircut! Does NOT make you look older at all. I think shorter may be even cuter and a little bit of a side swept bang would look good to.

hg said...

looks great

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