Friday, October 21, 2011


A brief introduction, then I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. While on vacation, we decided to participate (mostly watch, so we thought) in a hoedown that is open to the public.

Our shy, everyone-is-a-stranger child stunned both of us by jumping off of my lap & making her way onto the dance floor. The middle of the dance floor. By herself. In front of everyone.

Coincidentally, I was just the week before telling my parents how I actually hate being in front of people. They were shocked, because of how much I loved to perform. I told them I just liked playing the trumpet more than I hated being in front of people. We then mused about how for FireGirl, it'll just take that one thing that she loves to do more than she's afraid of being in front of people.

Looks like that one thing just might be DANCE.


See her? That tiny speck? To show you how far she ventured away from us, and in front of everyone else.

Patiently waiting for the next song to start

* I swear her belly doesn't normally show. In this pic she's 2 yrs old & wearing a 4T shirt. And was in the middle of a growth spurt. During this time frame she grew 2 inches in 2 months. And people ask why I don't just save money by buying her clothes out of season. Pshaw! I wish!

* the next day we were still in the same area and she was famous! Okay, well, 2 people recognized her from the night before and complimented us on our "dancing girl"  {{ insert proud momma grin }}

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Melissa said...

LOVE IT!! My Natalie is the same way she doesn't speak in front of other adults, but wow does she love to perform, I love to see her out there dancing with a huge smile on her face only to come off stage and hide behind me when people try to talk to her about it lol. I can't wait to hear more about firegirl dancing.

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