Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fingerprints (a.k.a. Sometimes I'm Intentional About Not Cleaning)

I finally cleaned the television screen. But only because we were having a party and I thought the smudges might inhibit our guests' view of the show. Because prior to that I had no legitimate reason to get rid of the tiny finger- and hand-prints that covered the screen.

Daily reminders of how tiny she was just a few months earlier, how tiny she still is, and how quickly she is growing.

Of course, I couldn't wipe them away without snapping a few pictures of those tiny fingerprints first.

FireMan keeps telling me he's cleaning the front window. I keep telling him not before I take pictures of her handprints first.

It hasn't been cleaned yet in a year.

I think he's starting to understand my crazy.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Fun craft idea to save those memories. I give my kids a white canvas let them paint all over it, then after it dries paint their hand in either white or a dark color and put their hand prints, name, and date on it. It makes great artwork for the walls and great memories to look back on.

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