Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yard Sale Score

Spent half a Saturday yard-saling, topped it off with a stop at the Farmers' Market, and scored some great deals!

Got the entire lot above, plus some edible goods that aren't shown, for around $50.

Here's the list:

- stand up clock
- Thanksgiving salt & pepper shakers
- toy firetruck
- large mirror
- pumpkin decoration
- Barbie piano
- seven packages of paper kids' cups (Easter, Thanksgiving, and firefighter)
- toy truck
- pair of work shoes (me)
- two packages of gift bows
- preschool workbook
- five packages of Thanksgiving napkins
- two pairs of shoes (FireGirl)
- complete firefighter play set
- cleaning brush
- shirt (FireGirl)
- three pairs of jeans (FireGirl)

- dozen made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies
- two hot dogs, one soda, two bottles of water

checking out the firefighter play set

yep, it has it's own pack

Mommy! Watch me play piano!

I probably could've done better on some of the items, but I'm not much of a haggler, to be honest. Still... I'm pretty pleased.

The clock & the mirror I got as projects. I like them... just not "as is". So... when I find time... (ha!)

I'll try to remember to post before & after pics. Well, maybe only if they turn out well            =)

As always... Thanks for checking in!


Melissa said...

Not bad, $50 for all that.

I'm not a haggler, either, so I can identify.
It's crazy, I do try. I'll make a lower offer - I'm talking like .50 lower - and they tell me No!
Anybody else in my family can talk people into practically giving them the stuff for nothing. Pffft.

Cyndy Bush said...

I love yard saling. That combined with a trip to the farmer's market sounds like a perfect Saturday! You got some good deals.

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