Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tubby the Toad

This is Tubby.

Tubby lives... well, we're not quite sure where he lives, but he visits us every evening on our back deck. He sits right up against the French doors, smart enough to use the side that we don't, and cathes bugs.

He's quite smart, that Tubby the Toad.

I mean, no other toad has figured out that all the bugs are attracted to our lights, and so sitting on our back deck is a prime spot to grab some dinner.

Or... perhaps they have, but maybe they weren't smart enough to stay right up against the house, where the dogs can't get them.

And, like I mentioned, Tubby stays to the side of the French doors that we don't use, never bothered by our comings or goings.

Yes, Tubby is quite smart.

He's been coming to our deck for dinner for months now, yet it's only been a few weeks that he's had a name.

I remember it well: the night I watched him eat a wolf spider.

It was quite impressive. Like an episode of National Geographic unfolding before my eyes.

And then, right then, I decided he was our toad. Any toad that eliminates wolf spiders for us, deserves to be called "ours".

His round belly full of relatively large (compared to him) wolf spider, Tubby seemed a suitable nomenclature.

So yes, Tubby the Toad it shall be.

The past week his visits have been less frequent, I am assuming the change due to the slight chill that's been in the air. A reminder that he will not visit every night, for very much longer. And that it won't be long till we may never see him again.

FireMan & I have gotten used to his presence. We look for it going out the back door to feed the dogs, take out the trash, or tend to other items.

And yes, occasionally just to see if Tubby is there.

FireGirl has never seen him, as Tubby's arrival time is far past her bedtime.

But FireMan & I... I dare say we shall miss our little friend, our Tubby the Toad.


Steph{anie} said...

I'm digging this post. Oh, and your freaking awesome writing style :)

areyoukiddingme said...

Our local toads are generally out and about when I'm walking in my neighborhood in the mornings. I have to watch out so I don't step on them. I only wish I could get one to live on our deck!

Cyndy Bush said...

I would like a Tubby to hang out at my house, there are some scary spiders out there!

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