Sunday, July 17, 2011

Parenting WIN! re: nutrition

Now, I want to begin with a disclaimer: I know that we eat out way too often. Way too much. FireGirl knows way too much about the menu's at various restaurants in the area.

Okay, I know it. I admit it. Got it. Okay.

Now, can I share my win? Thanks.


Real Life Scenario #1 (ie. proof that I do some things right, LOL):

FireGirl & I stop at the grocery store. First stop is the produce section where we usually pick out at least one fresh fruit & one fresh vegetable. No biggie. Boring routine visit to the store.

Well, FireMan said he would grill out that night, and this is just a quick stop, but it dawns on me that I'm not sure if we have any side items or not. Unsure of what he's making, and knowing by the time we get home we won't have time to cook anything, I decide to just grab a bag of potato chips. Not the best choice, I know, but I figure if we don't eat them for dinner, we can snack on them in the coming days, right?

As we turn to go down the chip aisle: "Mommy, why we in chip row?"

"Because I thought we might buy some chips."


"Well, we might eat them with dinner tonight. And if we don't, well then we'll just have them in the cupboard and maybe we can have some later for a snack."

Long pause

"That silly."

"Why is that silly?"

"Why have chip?"

both of us giggled

And that's when I realized. We don't keep chips in the house.

So while going to pick out our fresh fruit & veggies seems perfectly normal to her, the idea of us stopping to get chips, and having chips in the house, FireGirl finds silly.



Real Life Scenario #2:

One night last week I asked FireGirl what she wanted for her snack.

I was exhausted, and drawing a blank on what snackie foods we had, but remembered seeing a bag of mini-Oreos that had been in our cupboard so long that if they weren't eaten soon, would probably go stale.

"Do you want Oreos for snack?"


"No. Want oranges."

{{ giggling }} "I can definitely do that. You're awesome. I'll be right back with your oranges"

icky side note - she eats oranges with milk, preferably chocolate if we have any. Yucky!

Real Life Scenario #3 (as told to me by FireMan):

Yesterday they had a daddy / daughter day.

He stopped at Burger King to get a "special" breakfast & took it to the park to eat, before going to his parents' house.

After getting out the cinnamon rolls, and other yummy breafasty sweetness, FireGirl asked where her food was.

"Right there hunny. That's your food."
"No want that. What Mommy pack?"
I had packed a thermal tote with snacks for later - strawberries, grapes, oranges, pretzel chips, and fruit snacks. She knew what was in there, because I had told her before I left for work that morning.

She picked the strawberries.



So yes, this post is bragging on myself a little bit. Because as much as I might screw some other things up, and as much fast food as we may eat, I think I clearly get the win on the food we do eat at home. And I'm a tad bit proud of myself.



Unknown said...

You should be proud of yourself :-)!!!!

My older daughter is a fruit and veggie fanatic. From a very young age, she'd rather have apples or blueberries than M+Ms, and a real treat for her is a crepe with bananas and Nutella.

My younger daughter thinks the food groups are chocolate, cheese, cookies, and Skittles.

I spend a fair amount of time contemplating what I could possibly have done differently in their upbringings ... ;)

Melissa said...

That's great!! I often laugh at myself while eating meals with my kids telling them they have to eat more chicken, or hot dog ect. before they can have more fruit or veggies. How backwards is that? Keep up the good work!

Cyndy Bush said...

I agree, huge win! And it sounds like she eats a great variety of healthy foods.

BlazinMama said...

That's awesome! My boy loves his fruits but veggies are another story.

Steph{anie} said...

That's flipping awesome! You've instilled some really positive habits in FireGirl. Hopefully she will keep those healthy habits as she grows older.

Pat yourself on the back Mom!

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