Thursday, July 7, 2011

One day, this past Spring...

I came out of the house to walk to my car to leave for work, and was stopped dead in my tracks by the most fragrant flowery scent.

I looked around the ground. We hadn't planted any flowers, and I didn't remember seeing any.

But the scent was so strong, there must be some, probably a lot, somewhere.

And then I looked up.

The two trees bordering our driveway in front of the house were in bloom! We had no idea they were floweirng trees, having moved into the house last Autumn and not having noticed any buds.

They were beautiful! So beautiful, that I went back inside to get my camera. But... our landscaping still looks like crap, and our garage door still needs repaired, so instead of snapping a pic of the entire tree, or both trees, I went for a macro pic of some blooms.

We still don't know what type of tree they are. Last Autumn we noticed the remains of some small fruit, which have begun to show themselves this year. They almost look like some type of mini-plum or something. No idea.

One of the very cool things about our property though, is that the majority of the trees bear a fruit (or nut) of some kind.

If only I could figure out what to do with them...

Thanks for checking in!

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Marianne said...

Can't see the flower very well, but it reminds of the crabapple tree we had. The smell was incredible - I wish I could bottle it to wear! Sadly, we had to have ours taken down, it's roots got into our sewer line. I always looked forward to Spring and the blooms!

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