Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Little Strong-Willed Optimist

One Saturday, back in the Spring, I promised FireGirl we could go to the park.

Being the unseasonably cool Spring that it was (hard to believe now), I bundled her up and we headed that way. After all, the forecast called for cool, but clear.

We were almost there when it started sprinkling on the car.


So I pointed out the raindrops and warned her that we might not get to play today.

Strong-willed optimist that she is, she insisted that the rain might stop.

 I looked at the sky, and had the ominous feeling that precedes an impending toddler meltdown.

We got to the park, and it was still just sprinkling. There was no one else there. I told her she could play for a few minutes, but if it started raining harder, we had to leave.

She ran for the slide like a madwoman, determined to get in as much playing as possible.

She ran to each apparatus in turn, climbing up it, running thru it, sliding down the slide, then over to the teeter-totter, where Mommy obliged as her partner.

We got all of 10 minutes of playtime in when it started coming down. I debated staying, after all it wasn't storming, no lightening, just rain. But as cool as it was, combined with the rain... we had to go.

I told her it was time to leave.

She ran away from me. I caught her coming down the slide and threw her over my shoulder (yep, people really do that). She cried, and argued, insisting that the rain might stop.

She was still in meltdown mode as I buckled her into the carseat. I was tempted to snap a picture of meltdown face, but decided not to.

But man, that would have been a good way to end this post, wouldn't it?

Thanks for checking in!

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Mrs E said...

Aww what a tease!!

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