Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip to the Firehouse

We don't get to visit FireMan at his firehouse too often. Why? Because FireMan works an hour away from home. Not a horrible commute, since he only has to drive it once every third day. But it does mean that FireGirl & I just don't make it down there that often. But we try.

I'm not sure FireGirl thinks there's anything better than "driving" the fire truck. She knows exactly which doors to go thru to get into the bay, from anywhere in the fire house, and she knows exactly which truck is Daddy's.

She's ever-curious about what Daddy does, and she is always looking for more to learn. On this day, she learned how to put on the headset & use the radio, all by herself. Sort of. I mean, we can't actually let her use them, you know. Ha!

This day I surprised FireMan. He had no idea we were coming. We managed to sneak in at the tail end of lunch, and catch him in the kitchen. Good thing. The last two times I tried to surprise him they were out on runs when we got there. But that's the way it goes in the fire family, I suppose.

And then, because we were lucky enough for FireMan's engine to not get one run (not even one!) while we were there (although another truck did have to go out, not his, yay!), he decided to show FireGirl how to work a hose. I love those pics. I think they both enjoyed that thoroughly.

She ended up soaked, but who cares. That's why we keep a spare outfit in the diaper bag, right?

We even got to eat dinner with the guys that night, before heading back home. All in all, a great visit.

Thanks for checking in!


Marianne said...

Love the pics of dad and daughter...special times for sure!

Melissa said...

So cute!

Gosh, I haven't visited the station with little in such a long time.

Found your blog from your post at Fire Wife Katies.
I just got my firewife blog started back up after a few years hiatus. Visit if you care to :-)

Melissa said...

OMG! Cutest pictures ever! I am glad you got to have a good visit, such a good idea to surprise Daddy.

Mrs. L said...


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