Monday, June 20, 2011

THAT place

If I didn't have to go to that place, I wouldn't be so exhausted & stressed at the end of the day that I end up reaching my breaking points wtih my family later on.

I hate it. I resent it. I resent the time it takes away from me, time I could be spending with my family, for my family.

If it weren't for that place, I could be with my family more. I could be home with FireGirl. I could be home with FireMan on his days off.

Resentment is especially strong when FireMan works on a weekend. For instance, let's say:
he's off on Friday, but I'm working, then
he works on Saturday, but I'm off, then
we're both off on Sunday, which is great, but let's face it, after church, lunch, then home for FireGirl's naptime...
well, you get the picture.

If I didn't have to go to that place, I could be home with him on that Friday. As one example.

And even when my loves aren't home, I could be doing things at home. Like actually catching up on laundry. Finally organizing the kitchen cupboards. Using my new drillin' skills. Taking FireGirl to the park more. Taking her to the library. Playdates. Classes. So many things.

If I didn't have to go to that place.

1 comment:

Steph{anie} said...

*Hugs* I'm sorry THAT place is causing so much discontent in your life. Quite frankly, I'm out of words right now to comfort or console, so just know that I continue to pray that God would provide a way for you to live without THAT place.

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