Monday, June 13, 2011

My Fatt Butt

I saw my endocrinologist last week. In the past two months I have lost another eight pounds.

My doctor is still pleased with my progress, so we are, as planned stopping the stronger medications, continuing the maintenance medication, and I will go back in six months to see how I am doing, and will have bloodwork done before my appointment to see how all of my levels are.

That's really about it.

I'm to otherwise just keep up what I'm doing, and I can come in sooner if I have any problems. Specifically, if I have sudden weight gain, unexplained bloating / weight gain in my upper abdomen, or bloating / puffiness in my face then I should come in right away to see what's going on.

He said I can expect to continue a slow weight loss as my insulin levels continue to normalize, as long as I continue what I've been doing.

I'm a little nervous about the safety net of my stronger medications being taken away, but I've gotten used to the idea over the past couple of months, and his reassurance at this checkup that things were still going well helped to calm my anxieties.

I guess that's about it. Not a very exciting post, I know, but... that's the update.

Thanks for checking in.

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