Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girls' Day in Indy

This past Saturday was... terrific!

I met up with fellow bloggers Candace (from New Adventures of the Princess & the Peanut) & Steph (from Plan B) for a girls' day in Indianapolis.

Candace & I have known each other since childhood, and she remains one of my oldest & dearest friends.
Candace & Steph

Steph connected with me thru blogging, by way of Candace's blog. Since then we have become Facebook friends, shared a few emails, and basically just came to realize that we have a ton in common, and she's become a good friend, although until Saturday one I only knew online.

A month or so ago (maybe two months now?) the idea was thrown out for the three of us to get together, since we have this common friend-blog-friend thread. We all enthusiastically agreed, and despite the fact that we each live in separate states  from one another (three friends, three different states), we agreed on a destination and made plans.

Candace met me at a gas station off the highway, and we rode together to Circle Centre Mall, where we both met Steph in real person for the first time.
Me & Steph

Lunch at Hard Rock followed, where we ended up chatting it up for over three hours!

After Hard Rock we headed back to the Mall for some shopping. A few hours (and some new clothes) later, we made tentative plans for a future outing (in a different state, mind you, LOL), then Candace & I parted ways with Steph and headed for home.

And while that's the nuts & bolts of our girls' day, this post really doesn't do it justice. It was truly one of the most fun, relaxing, refueling days I've had in a long time.

Yes, refueling. I think that is the word I will use to describe that day. I came home refueled.

Thanks girls! It was truly a pleasure to spend the day with both of you!

And has me brainstorming other ideas for future meetups... more to come!


Steph{anie} said...

I know I've said it already, but I had such an amazing time meeting you! I think your word choice of "refueled" really hit the nail on the head...I definitely left feeling refueled. I'm so glad our paths crossed and proud to call you my friend :)

Can't wait for next time (we really need to set a date).

Candace said...

I agree!!! It was such an awesome day!!! I had so much fun and it really helped me relax and come back as a(little bit) better momma! Thanks girls, and I agree with Stephanie... we need to set the next date! :) Love ya's! :)

Candace said...

Oh... and would you be able to send me the full images of those pics when you get a chance? next time... I am not going to forget my camera in the car! :) Also the self portrait of all three of us. :) THanks!

Candace said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Can you believe this has been two years?

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