Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

The other day FireGirl sneezed, about three feet away from me, and somehow a little ick managed to land... in my eye! Gross, I know. And now I think I might have a itty bitty infection in that eye. I flushed it with saline solution right away, but by that night it was irritated, and by the next day it kept getting red and hurting. I haven't worn my contacts in three days. Ick.


And that was my last pair of disposable contacts. And I'd just put them in the day before. I thought I have another four or so weeks to order more. Guess not.


I need sleep.


The past two weeks have been good, but very busy. And this weekend is busy as well. I need a rest!


I still don't have an official boss. My old boss will still be my boss "officially", and in the system, even though he's rotating to a different department (how does that make sense?) but practically speaking, I don't have a boss. I keep asking, and no one will tell me. So I think I'm just gonna start doing whatever I want and see what happens. Whaddya think? Ha!

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Doreen McGettigan said...

I hope when you get a new boss it's a nice one. I worked without a boss for a year one time and then this monster showed up...ughh the memories.
I am visiting and now your 26st follower via FF and 26 is a very significant number for my husband and I this month. Although we both lost someone on 4/26 we always consider it a lucky number.
I hope your eye is better...yuk...
Have a happy and blessed Easter:)

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