Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fragments

This weather has been such a tease lately. Just warm enough for Jena to think she can play outside all day. Just cold or rainy enough that I have to drag her inside after not-very-long. Torture for both of us.


Jena has a bad diaper rash. Again. None of her creams are working on it. Not even the prescription ones. She's had it about 2 weeks now, and it's a bad one. I'm trying one more over-the-counter ointment that we've never tried before, recommended on one of the moms' boards. If that doesn't work, I guess we'll be visiting the pediatrician.


We delayed having our taxes done because our "tax lady"'s husband was in the hospital for over three weeks, so we were giving her a break. Finally got them done last week. We get a nice little refund, which we will be using most of to get an air conditioner (right now we have none) and a new furnace (which we will probably need in the next few years anyway). I guess it's cheaper if you get them both as a unit, so that's what we're doing. Fun, right?


Oh, I meant to point out that we get a nice little refund if the government doesn't shut down. That would stink. Because it's supposed to hit 80 degrees here this week, and me no likey the heat in a house with no A/C.


My sister is coming to town next week. I'm taking a vacation day on Friday just to hang with her, and I can't wait!


We have LOTS of mosquitos at our house already. Lots. Swarms. Kinda reminds me of when you see a swarm of gnats in the air during the summer, except when you get closer, they're mosquitos. And they're everywhere. They even get in the house. Makes me scared for summer.


I haven't felt great for about two weeks. Not bad, per se, just not great. Some stomach issues that I suffer thru, then get over, then get again. And an upper respitory infection. And I'm really tired all the time.


Saw the doctor last week and she gave me an antibiotic for the upper respitory infection, and said the rest was probably just virus-related and I just need to wait it out. Ugh. Two weeks.

I just wanna feel all better.
Or "all, all better", as Jena would put it.
Tired of feeling icky and blah.


My daughter is awesome. Have I mentioned that?



Steph{anie} said...

Just so you know, I love these posts. Probably because I'm a random, fragmented thinker sometimes :)

Hopefully you can get your AC installed before the hot weather. I don't blame you for not liking the heat in a house with no AC.

Ann in the UP said...

Yes, like she said. AC. I'm not good with heat, but it'll be a long time before we need to worry about that!

Karen and Gerard said...

Sorry you are feeling sick and have all those pesky annoying mosquitoes already! That's crazy! They better stay out of our house!!

Stopping by from FF.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Friday Fragments. I have been sick both with an infection and virus as well the past few weeks and it has been horrible. I feel for you. I also feel for fire girl and her chapped hide. Poor girl.

Melani said...

Hi there! Visiting from FF's!

Where do you live? Mosquitos alaready?? YIKES!

I love your blog, very cute with all the "Fire" names! I need a new blog to follow, and it will be yours! yay!

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