Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Update / FYI

I previously had seven separate blogs on here. Now I have two.

The posts from the other five are not lost, I have imported them all into this one.

Couple of reasons:

#1 - it got kinda difficult to keep up with seven different blogs, and to post to each of them with any sort of regularity.

#2 (and the biggest reason) - even though I started each of the others because they represented a different part of me, or something I was doing, it felt weird to have that separated from my main blog. Because it all meshes together to create who I am. It just feels better to have them all in here, and to just write about everything in my life in one blog, just as everything in my life happens... in one life.

The one other blog I kept separate I did so for a reason, which I will touch on in a future post.

So, I do need to do a little bit of cleanup on this blog, like where maybe I link to the other blogs, etc. I hate that those are now broken links. But, at least I'm all "together" now, right?

Thanks for checking in!

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