Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on My Fat Butt

Well, with the whole IUD-expelling-itself-scare, I had to stop two of my meds cold turkey because of the risk of pregnancy. So at my last checkup, I had been three weeks off the meds.

And I'd gained two pounds.

I was pretty upset.

Then my endocrinologist said that wasn't bad at all. He said considering I had to stop them cold turkey, and they are pretty strong medications, it's natural that my body would have some backlash. And considering it was only two pounds, he's fairly confident that it was most likely just caused by water retention.

So... he was actually pretty happy, even though I wasn't. But I did leave there feeling some better.

And once I was able to finally confirm that I definitely was not pregnant, and get back on birth control, I started all of my medication back up.

Also at that appointment, I got the results of my three month bloodwork, which was taken right before I went off my meds. Everything was great! My blood sugar was normal, my vitamin D was still low, but on the very low end of normal, and my vitamin B12 was with normal levels. Thyroid within normal levels. Pulse and blood pressure remain excellent.

This is all very good news! And a very good sign that the intensive drug therapy we've been doing is working, and working well. My doctor is estimating that we should be done with the aggressive treatment by around June timing, and then will drop the stronger meds and just continue with the routine meds that I will most likely need to remain on forever to maintain my insulin levels at a normal level.

Thanks for checking in!

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BlazinMama said...

Just remember 2 pounds are not a big deal. You could weigh yourself this weekend and those 2 pounds could be gone. I'm not on any meds and I fluctate(sp ?) by about 3 pounds all the time. Don't beat yourself up over it :)

Glad to hear good news on your overall health since things are back on track :)

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