Sunday, March 6, 2011

FireGirl TALKED !!!

At school, no less!

She talks to us all. the time. Tells me stories, carries on great conversations, it's wonderful.

But with others... not so much.

She is still slightly behind in her speech, but has caught up so quickly that it's hardly noticeable. Especially since she won't talk to anyone but us anyway. Ha!

Anywho... last week I had a conference with her preschool teacher to review her progress. I specifically asked about her speech, and she said that FireGirl will talk with her, and it's very clear, but is usually one word requests or answers. FireGirl will sometimes talk with the other teacher, same result. But she rarely talks with the other children at all, and when she does it's so quiet it seems the other kids don't hear her, and instead of repeating herself, she'll just stop altogether and sometimes walk away.

Have I mentioned my child is seriously shy?

But... this week, when my father-in-law picked her up from preschool, the teacher told him to make sure he told me that she heard FireGirl talking with the other kids! Actually carrying on a real conversation!

I'm so proud.

{{ big smile }}

Thanks for checking in!


Melissa said...

YAY!!! She is so cute.

BlazinMama said...

Way to go Firegirl!

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