Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Shoes to Fill

On the way to work this morning, we passed a fire truck.

FireGirl: "Be like Daddy. I older, be like Daddy."

Me: "You wanna be like Daddy when you get older? That's awesome."

FireGirl: "I be firefire (firefighter) too?"

Me: "You want to be a firefighter too?"

FireGirl: "Yes"

Me: {{ tearing up }} "Well, that would be just fine. If you want to be a firefighter, you be a firefighter. Mommy & Daddy would be very proud of you, whatever you do."

FireGirl: {{ smiles, sighs, and looks out the window }}

She wants to be like her daddy. How adorable.

I hope she knows she's got some big shoes to fill.

1 comment:

BlazinMama said...

Cute! I'm sure Firegirl will be great at whatever she does! She has a great mommy and daddy leading the way.

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