Thursday, February 24, 2011

TBP #4 - where I live (what makes it special)

Well, I'm gonna focus specifically on our new home.

We live in a rural area in Northern Kentucky, but are still close to everything we need. We are four miles from the center of town, nine miles from the interstate, and 10 miles from the largest city in the county, which is actually pretty big (ie. plenty of shopping, restaurants, hospitals, etc).

We have over five acres of partially wooded land, and our house sits over 400 feet off the road.

It's a major renovation (still in progress), which has it's difficulties, but lets us make it exactly what we want it to be.

Should we choose to send FireGirl to public school, the district we live in is ranked very well, plus has tons of extra-curricular activities, including numerous programs in the fine arts.

Besides the rural setting, the land, and being so far off the road (an extra bonus when you have a young child), I love that we have so much wildlife. Our property is filled with various birds, raccoons, squirrels (red & gray) and best of all... deer.

The pictures below are kinda blurry (I was in a hurry & shooting thru a window), but this is what I saw out our bedroom window one January morning as I was getting ready to leave for work.

there were five all together that morning. Five. {{happy sigh}}

From November thru January deer regularly greeted us in our front yard & driveway. We'd pull in, and have to stop for the deer standing on our driveway. Or we'd stop just to watch the ones in the yard.

Love. It.

And... it's ours. Mine & FireMan's. The first house we bought together. Hopefully the last. Our plan is that this will be our "forever home".


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Steph{anie} said...

There's something special about living in the country...maybe it's the deer :)

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