Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TBP #2 - Our Wedding

I loved our wedding. FireMan loved our wedding. By all accounts, everyone loved our wedding.

We got married on a rescue boat on the Ohio River. We stood on the bow of the boat, our guests were on shore. I was in a wedding dress, FireMan in his dress uniform. We had no attendants. Just... us.

The preacher who married us is the pastor of a Bikers' Church nearby, someone FireMan has known since he was little. I'd never met him, until the day we went to Bikers' Church to ask him if he would perform the ceremony. I remember that moment so clearly. He got up to give announcements, I wasn't even 100% sure that was him, but the minute I heard this man's voice, I just knew. I knew he had to be the one to marry us. That voice had to recite our vows to us. I remember tearing up in my seat, thinking "what if he says 'no'". But of course, he said 'yes'.
We kept it simple. Just us, in front of our loved ones, saying our vows. No music, no candles, no walk down the aisle. Although we've been told that our entrance was quite grand. The photos & video seem to agree.

The reception was in a lodge at a park along the River that our guests could walk to from the ceremony site. We had hotdogs & hamburgers catered. There was cake. There was dancing, a little bit of dancing. No bouquet toss, no garter toss.

We kept the things that meant a lot to one or both of us: the dress, a man of God performing the ceremony, our family & friends being there. And gave up most of the rest.

And it was... perfect. It was ours. Uniquely, perfectly ours.


I love this pic. See my dad holding up the back of my dress so it doesn't drag? So sweet.
My parents. See? Joy.

our "entrance"

Told ya it was grand

the vows

the preacher
the deck gun holding my bouquet for me

cracking up after "the kiss" because when we started kissing the captain hit the lights & sirens

On our honeymoon our divemaster asked me if I could negotiate getting from stern to bow by myself. I looked at him and said "Hunny, I've done this in a wedding dress & heels". Indeed, I had.

the cake

First dance

heading out. Who needs a limo?

What a night. Perfect.

*note* we had so many people taking picture for us that day, that when posting these, I'm not 100% sure who took which photos (I'm a bad bride & mixed all my photo files), but... I can say that our only professional photog for the day (and I mean the whole day - followed me around from morning till night) was fellow blogger and looooooooong time friend Candace from over at The New Adventures of The Princess and the Peanut. Thanks Candace! Since all other pictures are from family & friends who are not paid for their services & are not published, I will be protecting their privacy by not revealing their identies on this blog. If you would like more information, please contact me privately via email (, and I will return the information to you with their permission. Thank you.


Melissa said...

Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes, and I was even there. The pictures are amazing, great memories.

Antasia said...

Amazing pictures!

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