Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Fat Butt

Realized I hadn't updated ya'll since my last check up with my doctor.

Well, it's still working. Like, really well. As of that appt, which was about two weeks ago, I am down 24 lbs. I've actually started having to dig my old clothes out of boxes. Finally.

He said I'm doing "amazingly well" on the medication, better than most patients, but also reiterated that because I am doing so well, he knows that I've been doing my work counting my calories as well.

So... on to the next step. Since I'm doing so well, I get new homework.
         #1 - eat more fruits & veggies
         #2 - get more exercise

I asked him for specifics. He refused to give them. He said that in his experience, if you give people too much to do too soon, then if they fail at one or two areas, they get discouraged & quit. So just "more than you're doing now". He said now that my body is "normalizing" we're going to start focusing not on my weight, not on my insulin levels even, but on my overall health. So more fruits & veggies, and more exercise.

Oh, and he said that as well as I'm doing, we might be able to back off the aggressive treatment sooner rather than later. He had originally told me that he thought it would take 9-12 months of aggressive treatment with meds (I'm currently on three different meds for the insulin disorder) for my body to normalize. He said as well as I'm doing he's thinking closer to six months and we might be there. Which is good news.

So, that appt was two weeks ago.

Yesterday, I didn't take two of my meds. Today either.

See... they're really strong medications. To give you an idea, the one is considered a controlled substance in my state, and I had to fill out more paperwork to get it than I ever did when I was on prescription narcotics for pain after my accident or surgery. Like... really strong stuff.
One of the reasons he is amazed at how well I'm doing is that I've had minimal side effects. See, when you have medicine this strong, there tends to be a lot of side effects, sometimes serious ones.

The only side effects I've had:
        - my head sometimes feels tingly
        - I'm cold all the time (really weird for me, because I'm usually the one that's hot while everyone else is comfortable)
        - I spend much of the day with a sorta sick feeling in my stomach. Hard to describe. Not nausea, but... sick

So... with the crap that's been going on lately, I've been stressed. And anxious. And when I'm really anxious I tend to get sick to my stomach. Combine that with the meds, and... I've been really sick the past few days. Like, had to force myself to eat anything, and really wanted to puke that back up, but couldn't, so stayed sick all the time, and then started getting headaches from not eating. Like that kinda sick.

So... I haven't taken those two meds for two days. I still have that anxiety-sick in my stomach. But it's much more tolerable / livable now. And I can eat. Hopefully I can get myself under control soon and then will start back up on the meds.

So, that's my Fat Butt update. Thanks for checking in!

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