Friday, December 3, 2010

Update on my daddy

He's doing really well. Well, considering.

Wednesday morning he had a triple bypass. When we left the hospital Wednesday night he still had not regained consciousness.

But Thursday... when I left the hospital last night he was sitting up, talking, trying to eat, and had even taken a short walk! The nurse said he is doing "unusually well for his age". Woo hoo!

They haven't declared him "out of the woods" yet though. Just getting closer to the edge of the treeline. It's a touchy road, and recovery is just as important as the procedure. In some ways I think even moreso.

But still. He's doing really well. They said there was no evidence that he had ever had any episodes of any kind, even minor ones, so his heart is in perfect health, it was just blocked, which is really good for future prognosis.

Right now his biggest complaint is that he's in a lot of pain. Not only from the procedure, but because he has arthritis in his back, and he has to lie in on his back for the vast majority of the day. And hospital beds are just not comfortable. I'm sure I hope there's some medically better-for-you reason why those beds are made that way, but they really aren't. I remember. Especially if you're in them for more than a day. I honestly think patients would do better if they could find a way to make those beds more comfortable. I really, really do.

So, anyway, I guess he had a really rough night last night, from the pain. No problems or complications from the procedure, just a lot of pain, mostly in his back.

He'll be in the hospital, in the cardio-vascular ICU, for at least another three days, then home. Home recovery takes 6-8 weeks, assuming he follows the rules and doesn't screw anything up. There are lots of rules. Like not picking up his granddaughter. At all. Big one. I keep telling him, go six weeks without picking her up and be fine, or pick her up once, break his wires (the wires that are now holding his sternum together), and have to go six months without picking her up. His choice.

Well, I cannot thank all of you enough for all of your thoughts and prayers for my family. I really can't. I'd like to expound on this prayer thing a little more later, but really, THANK YOU.

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Melissa said...

YAY I am so glad to hear he is doing well.

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