Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love My Husband

Seriously. This is a mushy, praise-my-hubby, no-he-didn't-hack-my-account, I'm-actually-writing-this post.

Thru all of this, FireMan has been awesome.

Awesome in a who-are-you? and where's-my-real-husband? sorta way.

Actually, he started being awesome before the crap went down, maybe... six to eight weeks ago? I kept thinking about writing about him, but to be honest, after everything we struggled with this year, I was scared it was a phase. Maybe he was sick or something, ha!

But... he's kept it up, going strong, and with everything with my dad, and our daycare struggles, and how stressed out and awful I've been at times, he has been... just perfect.

Okay, maybe not perfect, because no one is, but seriously, awesome just doesn't begin to describe.

A few weeks ago I joked with him that I couldn't decide if I finally got back the man that I married, or if I someone better had taken his place.

But I'm only half-joking.

I don't think he's ever been so patient with me, so attentive to FireGirl, so considerate of us. Ever.

For those of you who have followed what few details I have provided on our struggles this year, I'm sure you understand that parts of me still wonder at times: is he doing this out of guilt? did he mess up again? I thought things were good before too, didn't I?

But you know... the more time that passes, and the more consistent that he is... the more I think maybe, just maybe, this time it's real. That it really does seem like a real and lasting change. Or maybe not so much a change as a reversion back to who he really is, and the mire we went thru this year was a misstep for him. A bad huge one, to be sure, but...

I guess what I'm saying, in this post that I intended to be solely about how awesome my husband has been lately, is that my husband's recent and so-far-lasting awesomeness has me hopeful, really hopeful about our marriage.

And that is one of the few bright spots in my life right now. FireMan, and Hope.

Thanks for checking in!

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Steph{anie} said...

God really does answer prayers! That's so awesome that FireMan has been so great...hopefully he's had a change of heart and will continue to be great to you and FireGirl.

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