Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Time Suck? Blogs.

Inspired by Nota's recent post.

I heart blogs. And not just my own. Others. I love them.

I am currently faithfully following 43 blogs. Wow. I had never counted them before. Forty three.

Some are just funny. Some are informative. Most are just real postings from real people like me.

To be honest, I don't know if they all actually qualify as "blogs". But that's what I call them.

By "faithfully" I mean I check them more than once a week. Usually multiple times a week.

I love them. I've always loved reading. And blogs let me get sucked into forty-three different stories on a regular basis.

I love the blogs of people I know in real life, because our grown-up lives have all too often taken over and we don't get to see each other in real life any more. So I like their blogs because I can see how they're doing, how their kids are growing up. I can revel in their joy, and encourage them in their down times.

I get wrapped up in the stories. I get attached to people I've never met. I cry over hardships. Heck, I cry over happy times. I miss them when they stop posting. Sometimes I friend them on Facebook.

I try to comment when so moved, but not when I see 672 people have already commented. I've set a personal rule of not commenting if they've already received 10 comments. I don't know where I came up with 10, but I use the same rule on message boards.

Yep. I love blogs.

And I'm sure you're just dying to know my favorites? Well, I refuse to name favorites, because I like them all, that's why I check them all regularly. So here are a random few that I heart.

So that's it. I love blogs. Hope you like mine. And I hope that maybe if you don't recognize one of these blogs you'll check out at least one of the one of those I've linked here, and maybe you'll like one of them too.

Thanks for checking in!

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Marianne said...

I'm a blog lover too, I follow about 25 faithfully and another 10 or so that I check occasionally. They are fascinating to read and a little like peeking into others' lives.

I totally gave up on MckMama though. I really used to love her blog, but the more I heard about her, the phonier she seemed. Then I came across this blog:


After spending over an hour reading "Links You Might Want to Read", I knew I couldn't follow her any longer.

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