Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Fat Butt

So, if you remember my original Fat Butt post, you remember that we finally figured out that I have an insulin disorder, and started medication.

Well, 10 days after starting the medication and seven days of calorie restriction, and... I'm down NINE pounds! Already!

No, really! I'm not lying! No! I'm not! I know! It's crazy! NINE pounds! In only TEN days!

Now, no, I don't think I lost nine pounds of fat in ten days. Nor do I expect to keep up this rate of weight loss.

One thing I forgot to put in my original post is that my endocrinologist said that one of the outward signs of this insulin disoder is a puffy face, neck, and upper abdomen - all caused by major water retention. He said that as the insulin began to get regulated, this would go away.

Well, within just a few days of starting the medication, I started peeing all. the. time. Seriously! It's ridiculous!
By day five, I looked in the mirror and I realized my face looked skinnier (ie. no more puffy face).

Day nine, I realized the top of my "B" shaped belly seemed smaller. Weird, I thought, because even though he had said this was a marker of the disorder, mine had been this way since giving birth, so I just assumed everything got all weird & stretched out from my gigantic pregnant belly.

me, seven months pregnant with FireGirl - told you it was gigantic

And day ten, I stepped on the scale and was down nine whole pounds.

I'm excited. Not just because I've finally managed to lose some poundage, even if it is water weight, but because I'm taking this as a sign that my doctor is right, we are on the right track, and that this course of treatment will get things going in the right direction for me. That, to me anyway, is very exciting.

Thanks for checking in!

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Melissa said...

YAY! Congratulations! I am glad they were able to figure out what would work for you.

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