Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do you ever feel like you must just be weird?

I do.

Like when you finally get all girly, and pick out a scent at Bath & Body Works to be all your own, and six months later they discontinue it?

Or when McDonalds takes your favorite Value Meal off of their menu? although I did learn you can still order it, it's just not on the menu

Or when the cafeteria at work takes buffalo chicken, your absolute favorite thing that they have that you order regularly, off of their regularly supplied items?

Or like how clothing never fits you right? Never. You're always in between sizes.
And you must just be oddly shaped as well because if your pants fit in the waist then their sagging in the butt, and if your shirt fits in the bust then its bellowing out around your gut, and regular pants are too long, but petite pants are too short.

And a bunch of other stuff too.

And some days you just end up feeling like you just must be the weirdest person ever.

Do you ever get like that?

Yeah. Me neither.


Melissa said...

Is it weird that i'm OK with being weird? Life is much more exciting when you don't fit in the box!

Jene said...

Ha! I have the opposite problem with pants. If I can get them around my disproportionately large butt then they're way too big around the waist.

And now I want a buffalo chicken sandwich. At 5AM.

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