Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Topics. Racing Thru. My Mind. Faster. Than I Can. Get Them Down.

The past few days I've had what seems like a zillion blog topics racing thru my mind. I've written at least a hundred blog posts in my head.

And I'm afraid very few of them will actually make it here.

Mostly because FireMan keeps not bringing our personal laptop home, and when I become so desparate I am willing to scratch some thoughts out on paper, I can't find any in the house. Seriously.

I have been brilliant the past few days. Absolutely brilliant. Composing posts of mind-numbingly awesomeness.

But now that I have a computer in front of me? That's right. It's as if the brilliance is fading in the glow of my laptop.


One of these days I'll get it together. One of these days.


Rachel Kahindi said...

I've composed about a million blog posts in my mind when I'm in the shower, only to completely forget about them the moment I turn the water off. Doubtless they are my best work.

Candace said...

I know what you mean! It is like the glow of that beautiful computer screen... gives out thoughts stage fright. LOL! Been there! LOL!

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