Monday, November 1, 2010

And... Here Come the Terrible Twos !!

I'm assuming that's what this is.

Came in with a fury, seemingly out of nowhere. Not even on my radar.

And the bonus? So far, it appears to be directed solely at me! Joy!

And if screaming & crying & throwing tantrums aren't enough... we've started hitting & pulling hair! Weeeeee!

And just general nastiness.

This morning started off great. Happy FireGirl & happy mommy. Ended with a battle of wills. Yes, mommy managed to pull out a win. Barely. But the kind of "win" where you end up badly bruised & exhausted by the end. And late for work.


At least the hitting & pulling hair is reserved strictly for me, and not for the other kids in nursery or at preschool, right? That's a good thing, right?

Oh, the would-have-been-funny-if-we-hadn't-been-fighting-for-so-long-already moment? She found her Halloween candy and asked for M&Ms. Specifically, two. I told her she had to ask nicely. After a lot of crying. She finally said "Peeeeeeeese!"
I accidentally poured three into my hand, and instead of putting one back, I told her since she asked so nicely she could have three, and proceeded to put all three M&Ms into her hand.
She cried. Screamed. And threw the M&Ms, while yelling "Twooooooooooo!"

Apparently she really wanted TWO, not three. Silly mommy.


This is gonna be a long year, isn't it?

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Melissa said...

LOL Been there!! Gotta LOVE this age, they want everything and yet nothing is good enough. But when they are being sweet or learning something new they are precious. Hang in there, some of the greatest memories will be made this year.

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